Cigar Saver

cigar saver

Did you ever smoke a cigar a quarter of the way and be angered to have to put it out. A cigar saver is used to snuff out a lit cigar so that it can be smoked again later. I’m here to write a post to dismantle the hype the cigar saver. Some people hope that they can leave their cigar in a cigar saver forever and come back to smoke it whenever. This is not true, leaving your cigar in a cigar saver for too long will snuff out the taste in the cigar and leave it tasting stale. You can get a cigar saver in many colors and a few different forms. The most complex cigar savers are electronic and have a humidor inside and a cigar cutter at the end.

Many critics say that it doesn’t make sense to buy a cigar saver because once the cigar is lit, all the complex flavors disappear due to the flame and smoke. Most would agree that if you put your cigar into a cigar saver and smoke it within one hour, it will preserve the smoke quality, a good idea if you’re looking for a smoke rather than a flavorful experience.

If you happen to move around a lot and can’t stay steady for an hour to smoke a cigar then consider purchasing the best cigar saver you can. Buy them as a cigar gift for those whom you know enjoy smoking cigars.

Enjoy your cigar savers ladies!

Joseph Archbold

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