Colibri Lighter

Aren’t you ever frustrated when you run outside to light up your cigar and a gust of wind blows your last match out? This can be a very frustrating problem especially on cold gusty wintery days. If you run into these problems when lighting a cigar then you need a colibri cigar lighter! The first reason to buy a Colibri lighters is because they are very durable. You’ll see, dropping this lighter will only reinforce how you will always be able to rely on the colibri lighter to light up your cigar as they are constantly being innovated and designed to handle the wear and tear of everyday life for the past 80 years. 

One of the things you’ll love about the colibri cigar lighter is that when you’re outside, the lighter flame wont blow out! Plus, colibri lighters are refillable, all it requires is lighter fluid, so that you never have to throw them away and continue to buy and dispose of cheap bad quality lighters. You’ll feel great when you know that you don’t have to go to the store to buy another lighter, you will simply refill your colibri lighter at home with lighter fluid.

Colibri cigar lighters can be very sexy for the ladies, and come in many colors, and very rugged looking for the men. There are many types of colibri cigar lighters that will match your style. Impress your friends with a colibri lighter that automatically lights up when you wave your hand over it like magic (how does it do that?! You have to let me use it Carol!!). If you’re a female that’s buying a colibri lighter, then consider a lighter that can be used for self defense as it has a stilletto knife attached to the end of the lighter.

To touch on the subject of cigar gifts again buying a colibri cigar lighter for a cigar enthusiast will end up with lots of love for you and you will always be in their thoughts while they‘re smoking. They will no longer have to suffer with cheap lighters or a lighter flame that goes out or lighters that break easily when they bump into a table and leak into their pocket. Plus the beautiful look of colibri lighters will help sexy cigar smoking women be even more sexy (can I use that colibri cigar lighter babe?). 

You’ll be pleased to know that colibri lighters were used in a James Bond movie to create a gun! (are you getting how innovative this product is?). A reference to the movie a quantum solace, you’ll find a brand of colibri lighters called quantum lighters. Colibri lighters are almost too versatile, you’ll find them with cigar cutters attached, and one of the colibri cigar lighters offer a usb flash drive on the bottom, wont that be fun to carry around in your pocket! 

If in fact your trusty colibri cigar lighter does break in any extreme example, the company that makes colibri lighters will replace your lighter immediately. That by far is an amazing deal and is the reason  I’ve bought this lighter. The price of the colibri lighter may be a little stiff, but you’ll know that your colibri lighter will last you a fairly long time, and you’ll feel pride in owning such a dedicated product. 

Happy cigar lighting ladies! 

Joseph Archbold

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