Cigar gifts

There are many cigar gifts you can give to a loved one for various occasions, be it Christmas or their birthday or even valentines day, huh gentlemen? Even if this cigar gift is for the novice or the expert, it doesn’t matter because there are cigar gift sets for all of them. All you have to do is listen to my advice and you’ll be fine below.

If you’re giving a cigar gift to a newbie then you should start them off with a Macunudo cigar or a Montecristo cigar. Or a mild cigar that I have trust in, Arturo fuente cigars. These cigars allow your newbie to practice cutting and lighting his cigars.

If you’re giving a cigar gift to a pro, than you will probably want to pass him on a custom cigar box with his name on it. Or you can give him an ashtray with an inspirational message that they would value, maybe something funny or silly or something determined, something to help them remember YOU while they are sitting down puffing away at their cigar or another cigar gift would be a cigar cutter with their name inscribed on it.

You can get a travel cigar case if your giftee travels around a lot. The Thompson travel cigar case holds up to 8 cigars while they‘re on business or just vacationing. If you don’t think they will like the way the case looks then you can get any other type of cigar case that you think looks great.

A new brand of cigar that I am recommending on my site is Romeo y Julieta cigars. A brand of mild cigar that actually have some of the cigars named after world war one leaders Winston Churchill. Talk about getting a dose of history with your smoke!

Enjoy your cigar gifting ladies (and gentlemen!)

Joseph Archbold

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  1. wow..wat a nice idea. never though of it. Your blog looks perfect with a nice picture of bunch of cigar.

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