Cohiba Cigars 

Cohiba cigars are a brand of cigar made for Fidel Castro himself by the Habanos cigar company in 1966. The cohiba cigar  name originates from the type of leaves Columbus and his crew smoked when they first came to Cuba. There are two types of Cohiba cigars, cohiba Cuban cigars and Dominican cigars. The Cuban version were made for Castro himself because Castro was a target for assassination attempts (it was proposed that the CIA were planning to hand him an exploding cigar) and also a smoker of fine premium cigars, therefore making it necessary that Castro have his own tightly regulated brand of cigars.  The cigars were eventually released to the public in 1982. An interesting note, the factory that created his cigars were staffed by female workers (yay).

Cohiba Cuban cigars go through an extra third phase of fermentation, allowing it to taste smoother than the other Habanos brands.  Cohiba Cuban cigars use tobacco from the finest fields in Cuba. Like most cuba cigars, the cohiba cigar are hand rolled with long fillers. The end result are a line of cigars from a mild cigar to a cohiba robusto cigar.

Cohiba Cuban cigars are actually illegal in the united states although cohiba DOMINICAN cigars are allowed. If you are caught with cohiba cuban cigars the fines are very stiff: $250,000 for individuals plus up to 10 years in prison.

Cuban cigars are considered the best in the world by many cigar enthusiasts. However, a particular Dominican, Honduran or Nicaraguan cigar may s well taste better than a particular Cuban cigar.

All I have to say to all of this is…

Enjoy your Cubans, Ladies!

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  1. The fines for having Cuban Cigars are ridiculous. But the chances of getting caught or anyone really carring are slim to none. You may not be able to buy them in stores but you can order them online. has many cuban cigars that they will descretly send anywhere in the world. The CIA actually did try to implement that as well as many other assassination attempts, including poison in the cigars and in the toothpaste. None worked. He is a smart Devil.

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