Arturo Fuente Cigars

 Arturo fuente cigars are a family brand that contain high quality tobacco blends.  The cigars are then rolled over with African cameroon, Connecticut shade or an Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper. These cigars have a base of sweet spicy flavors and tend to  smoke in the medium bodied range, but more like a medium. The price range starts from inexpensive to fine expensive cigars, and the sizes range from the tiny cigarillo to the massive presidente. The Fuente family also produces Ashton, Montesino and Sosa Cigars. These cigars display a range of flavors from light to robust. 

Arturo fuente cigars started off in 1912 when Arturo, it’s founder, created a cigar bearing the logo of a lady kissing a man, called the “Tampa Sweethearts”. In 1924 his factory burned down. Being a business man Arturo did not want to file for bankruptcy which would screw up his ability to do business in the future, instead he rolled cigars for other cigar companies until he payed off his debts that he owed.

In the 1940’s, collaborating with his family, Arturo produced cigars in the back of his home and called himself the “Arturo Fuente Cigar Company”. The company was a success and demands for his cigars that he produce more He moved into a two story factory. Arturo lived on the top floor and produced cigars on the bottom. In the 1960’s his company grew even more successful and he moved into a 4 story building, where he handed off presidency to his oldest son, Carlos, and vice president Arturo Oscar.

The 1970’s was a time of turmoil for his company. The company had to switch over from Cuban tobacco to Dominican tobacco due to the us trade embargo on cuba. The company also had problems hiring skilled tobacco workers that were willing to adopt the Arturo fuente way of cigar rolling. The Arturo fuente company began considering moving their production into another country. During the 1980‘s they did, spreading the production of their cigars into Nicaragua and the Honduras. Even this location location didn’t do any better. They then moved into the Dominican republic, starting their company with only 7 employees. They now have 2,500 employees producing fine, Arturo fuente cigars. 

In 1994 Arturo Oscar retired and then opened up the “Tampa Sweethearts Cigar Company” in Florida once again continuing on, the Arturo Fuente legacy. 

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  1. Some pretty neat reading. I never knew some of these facts about Fuente. I’ll make a note to return here often!


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