Cigar Humidors

Cigar Humidors

If you really like to see your cigars in perfect quality, then you should buy a cigar humidor. Cigars were made in the tropics where temperature and humidity is high, so unless you want dry tasteless cigars, placing and protecting it in a humidor should keep your cigar in the condition it was originally. Humidors are  necessary because cigars adapt and change according to their surroundings. If they are not kept in a good environment, they will age quickly and lose all of it’s great flavor. Humidors are usually a box made out of wood, (but many other materials have been used to make humidors from glass to tin cans) and come with a hygrometer (a device that measures humidity) fitted in. You might probably find a humidor with a thermometer fitted in as well.

Humidity differences

Cigars enjoy a temperature between 70 degrees Fahrenheit and at a standard humidity of 70%. I say standard because some people like their cigars either a little dry at 65% or a bit wet at 75%. Although if you keep the humidity too high the cigar might not light well and becomes vulnerable to mold, and if you keep the humidity too low the cigar becomes dry, burns too hot, and all the essential oils that make a cigar taste good will be lost. Make sure that when you’ve bought a humidor it stays tightly shut and let’s no moisture out, also make sure you know your cigar sizes when you go shopping so your cigars will fit when you place them in.

Cigar ethics after purchasing a new humidor

Most people after they’ve bought a  humidor will immediately put their cigars in. This is not a good idea because the wood of the humidor is still dry and wants to soak in as much water as it can, putting your cigars in too early while the wood of the humidor is still dry will result in your cigars being drained of their precious humidity and thus it’s flavor. Allow your humidor to humidify (become wet), and once the humidity reaches 70% as shown on the hygrometer proceed to place your cigars in. Once you’ve done this, don’t be afraid to flaunt your humidor when your friends take a pick of your cigars by putting it on a visible shelf.

Caring for the humidor

When the humidor’s water needs to be refilled, some people will add more humidor solution, this is not a good idea as it results in the solution being 75% solution and 25% water rather than the normal 50%/50%. Instead, refill it with distilled water. You can add the solution once a year, and only that many times. To add the solution, take the foam out of the humidor and wash it with distilled water and let it dry. If you want to replace the foam instead of washing it and drying it, ask your local florist for wet foam as they are likely to have them.

Storing cigars without a humidor

If you want to store your cigars without a humidor, place it in a tightly sealed Ziploc bag with a damp towel and place it in a dark place such as a closed closet. This should keep the moisture for a couple of weeks and the darkness would preserve the taste, but if you are a serious cigar smoker who smokes cigars often, than a humidor is highly suggested.

Humidors are essential to a good cigar collection. They keep cigars fresh and preserved, and  keep them enhanced with the essence they are meant to have. Most true aficionados, and novices who hope to become aficionados, advocate the use of a humidor. Using one will prevent your cigar from molding and keep them from aging too quickly and will allow you to smoke them in the form that they are truly meant to be.

Your cigar smoking friend,

Joseph Archbold

Hey!! I know you’ve read through all of that, but I’m going to show you some discounted humidors, so feast your eyes on these goodies below!

The Capri 25-50 Cigar Humidor

Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar and Gold Plated Hidden Quadrant Hinges this is a very affordable humidor that works very well and smells cedar fresh inside. It is well crafted. The finish is done well and looks very classy. Holds up to 25 Cigars. You’ll find that this humidor costs $70 at many fine smoke shops. Click the button below and get this humidor from my website for only $30 dollars!

For those who have more  money to spend and want the BEST quality of humidors, check this review out.


As good as your humidor’s humidification system is, the fact remains that it’s a passive system that requires careful monitoring and adding wetting solution whenever the sponge loses moisture. No matter how sensitive your hygrometer is, whether it’s digital or analog, if you don’t monitor your humidor constantly and continuously, you will lose the quality in your cigars. With the Cigar Oasis you get totally unattended reliable, longterm operation of your humidor’s humidification system. Whether you power the unit from a wall receptacle or use the battery pack, the unique sensor on the Oasis XL measures humidity, and the built-in microprocessor controller operates to quietly but efficiently circulate humidified air to the exact level desired. Unlike other humidors, the Oasis XL is adjustable. If you prefer a slightly higher humidity, by setting the button, you have it. With this outstanding feature, you can even use the Oasis XL to restore cigars that have lost their proper smoking moisture. Try that with any standard humidifier! Almost maintenance-free after you first set it up Cigar Oasis XL is the newly recognized standard for accurate, reliable cigar humidification. Buy one of these right away and never have to worry about the safety of your cigars. Now I can’t give you a 66% discount like I did the last cigar system but I can give you a $30 dollar discount off the price of this system. Click the button below to get your discount off of my website!

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